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Benny's Hot Spice

We have been growing and eating hot peppers for over 40 years! As new developments in pepper breeding became available, our tastes got hotter and hotter as well. Yes, we have eaten Carolina Reapers and survived to tell the tale. Because we personally enjoy eating hot peppers and all the delicious food made with them, we are always trying new varieties. We soon realized that there are many people interested in growing hot peppers as well. With numerous customer requests and discussion with plant breeders we kept adding new varieties until in 2017 we grew over 160 varieties. In 2018 we have added even more.

Because we personally trial and taste the peppers we grow, we have an abundant harvest and need to come up with ideas to use them. One of the results is our Benny’s Hot Spice that we have developed with friends and family as our tasters over the last 20+ years. The spice is a blend of our super-hot peppers along with garlic, onion and minimum salt, resulting in a delicious all-purpose seasoning that has been used on any kind of meat, fish and vegetarian dish that you could imagine. One advantage of our spice blend is that you get all the flavor and heat without adding vinegar to your recipe, as found in liquid hot sauces.

The spice blend is also available in limited quantities with smoked peppers resulting in our Chipotle blend. Benny’s spice has been a great success at our many charity BBQ’s that we host during our April through August Spring season.